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Hypnos and Thanatos

Hypnos and Thanatos

There are perhaps four universal human experiences: birth, dreaming, death, and dreams in which the deceased appear and play a part. Over the years, I have had a number of these dreams myself. I began researching the phenomenon in earnest, in 2006, the culmination of which was my Masters Thesis in Consciousness Studies, and a presentation at the 2007 conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams, held at Sonoma State University.

I have always been fascinated both by dreams (in addition to my M.A., I also hold a Certificate in Dream Studies), and by the possibility of survival of death. Is there a possible link between the two?

At best, I can only ultimately confess to agnosticism. I simply don’t know, and probably won’t know until I, too, depart this planet. I am, however, willing to keep an open mind about these things. And since (as this blog will eventually show), the phenomenon of the Visitation Dream has been recorded throughout thousands of years of history, and across every culture, I do believe it is a phenomenon worth taking seriously, and looking at, and discussing.

In the interest of disclosure:

  • While I enjoy doing “dream work” and helping people understand possible meanings of their dreams, I do not believe that every dream needs to be interpreted, nor do I believe that “all dreams of ‘X’ mean ‘Y’.”
  • Oftentimes, literature refers to dreams as a “non-ordinary” or “altered” state of consciousness. I respectfully disagree, in that everyone dreams every night, other species dream, and this has been going on for millennia (at least). I think at this point, it’s safe to say that dreaming is pretty “normal.”

This blog will look at Visitation Dreams from a variety of perspectives – psychological, anthropological, parapsychological, phenomenological, religious, spiritual, and more. While a number of other websites and books exist that use these dreams to offer comfort to the grieving, such is not the main thrust of this site (other than to provide information for those who have an interest and/or are having these dreams). I will probably also address tangential phenomena, such as NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), deathbed visions, and dreams of those who are dying, as well.

Ultimately, I cannot tell you whether your experience was “real.” You must decide that for yourself. I am very interested, however, in your stories, and in how the dream felt, and what made it real for you. I will eventually be setting up a form on the site where readers can submit dreams as well.

Thank you for reading. And until next time, I leave you with the Dragonfly Story.


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